Switching From Windows to Mac – Cut the Learning Curve

October 14, 2010 by · 12 Comments 

This video is the basically part 3 of my series on switching from Windows to Mac. Yes I know I said it was a 2 part series but I thought this video would make a good 3rd part. In it I share 2 great resources I found that were invaluable to help me cut the learning curve.  These resources let me get up to speed quickly and be productive in no time!

Here are links to the resources in case you want to check them out yourself:

Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Snow Leopard Edition By David Pogue

MacProVideo.com – Great video tutorials on Mac programs.  They are running a special sale until October 20th – use these special links to take advantage of these discounts: Read more

Switching From Windows to Mac – Part 2

October 6, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

This is the second of my 2-part video series on why I switched from Windows to Mac (click here to see Part 1).  In this video I discuss how cloud computing, being a web worker, and compatibility made this an easier switch than it would have been in the past.

In my next video I’ll share some resources I found that really helped me get up to speed quick and shortened the learning curve as a new Mac user.

Have you made the switch to Mac or been thinking about it? Post a comment below and let me know your thoughts, what has made you want to switch, or what is keeping you on Windows.

Work Unchained: Free Webinar Replay, Whitepaper, and Blog Post

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Work happens everywhere – virtual offices, client sites, home offices, coffee shops, airports, hotels, and any number of remote workplaces.  However, despite all the advantages of flexible work – most companies struggle when making this shift.

The biggest problem is that most organizations take an ad-hoc approach to workshifing, which has been thrust upon them. The business landscape began to change; they increasingly found themselves working across time and distance with team mates, remote offices, clients, vendors, and other outsourced professionals. And they mostly left individual employees, project teams, and offices to decide for themselves how best to conduct business. Virtual teamwork was not deliberate, and not undertaken with any real strategy.

If you’re in this boat – what are you to do? You can’t just stop the flow of business and start over with a brand new plan. But you also can’t just lumber forward and say to your people, ‘Work virtually better.’ What you CAN do is take a step back to get a perspective on your process and workflow in order to isolate and highlight areas for improvement and adjustment. One way to accomplish this is by conducting  my ICC Workflow Audit™ which helps you take a look at your needs for Information, Communication, and Collaboration in order to guide you in choosing and throughtfully apply the right technology and guidelines for your organization or team.

I recently partnered with Citrix Online to discuss this topic in a free webinar – Work Unchained: The Competitive Edge of the Anywhere Office®. We had a great turnout for the event and some interesting discussions.  If you missed it you can watch it on-demand.

For more information on how to implement the ICC Workflow Audit™, read my white paper or my guest post on their blog Workshifting.com

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you or your organization have adopted to virtual teamwork.  Please post a comment below and share your stories and feedback!

Shooting Flip Video or Digital Photos? Get yourself in the shot with XShot!

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Recently while using my Flip camera to shoot some video for this blog I came across a problem. I was shooting the post about “working outside your office” so I wanted to move around and decided to hold the camera so I could be mobile and not be stuck with the static shot I would get from using my tripod (like I normally do).  There were two issues with this approach:

  1. My arms are only so long so I couldn’t hold the camera out far enough to get much of me and the background in the shot
  2. The camera shook a lot so the video jumped around a bit

As I always do when looking for the solution to a problem I searched Google and found a solution – the XShot 2.0 camera extender.  This amazing device is only 9″ in length and weighs 5 ozs. when closed but folds out (like an antennae) to 37″ long and can hold a camera up to 1.25 lbs.  It includes a standard tripod mount on the end that swivels up to 180 degrees so you can attach your point and shoot digital camera or your pocket camcorder (like the Flip video), simply extend it and get yourself and others in the shot!  I was jonesing on trying it out so I contacted XShot and they were kind enough to send me one so I could give it a try and review it for you.

Watch this video below where I do a quick demo of how it works:

Ever since I’ve had a digital camera I’ve always done the single-arm stretch to take photos of myself and others without having to ask someone Read more

Phil Montero 2.0 – Why 2 heads are better than one!

December 10, 2009 by · 10 Comments 

I recently entered a fun video contest sponsored by HotHardware.com and Viddler where they asked you to upload a short video telling them about your personal hardware or tech gear and why it enhances your world. The prize was a Flip UltraHD Camcorder.  These amazing video cameras shoot in HD and are small enough to fit in your pocket (a perfect addition to The Anywhere Office).  I’ve been wanting one for a while so when I saw the contest I just had to enter!  After some brainstorming with Jason we came up with a fun idea that not only highlighted some great tech but also explained the productivity boost I get from using it.  There were some very creative entries to the contest but happily about a week ago they announced me as the winner (waaahoo)!  Here is my winning entry:

If you’re not familiar with their website, HotHardware.com features computing/hardware news and reviews f0r technology enthusiasts and IT professionals. They have a wonderful active community and I highly recommend you sign up for free and join in the discussions. Read more

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