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It is inspiring to hear the perspective of someone whose brain works like Chris Brogan’s on the topic of virtual team management. Brogan is a social media pro’s pro. His blog is in the Top 5 of Advertising Age’s Power 150, he’s a New York Times bestselling author and he speaks and consults with the world’s premier companies about the intersection of technology, media, and customers acquisition.

In this Forbe’s interview Brogan speaks of maintaining a ‘leadership presence’ and promotes the use of ‘just having video cameras on and open’ while working so that you get that “random banter” element that’s missing in virtual experiences.

I’ve yet to meet a professional who says they prefer virtual leadership. Instead, it’s a part of the job generally endured and managed as best as possible. Death by meeting has been replaced by a long slow soul-crush by global conference call.

But what if, instead of simply coping with virtual management, we were inspired because of it? How could we reach more people, in authentic ways, and build stronger connection?

KH: You talk about the human digital channel. How does that apply to relationships inside an organization?

CB: The human digital channel as I talk about it is a sales channel, but inside organizations, the same premises relate. I talk about needing sustainable, relationship-minded business practices. Internally, this is true as well. We have a paperwork glut. We have a trust deficit. These things could be fixed, if people cared to fix them, and then ALL of business would function better.

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How Social Media Icon Chris Brogan Would Run Your Virtual Team – Forbes.