Show #10: Search and Research – How to search the web effectively

September 13, 2006 by · 5 Comments 

This week we explain some key strategies and tips for how to search the web like a pro. Learn to save time daily with our super search tips. Thanks to Richard Robinson of Legacy Scribe for joining us as our guest on the show.

If you missed the show you can listen in below or download the MP3 file.

Show # 10: Search and Research – How to search the web effectively
The internet is arguably the single largest repository of knowledge and information in the world. Knowing how to search through this data and find what you’re looking for is critical to reaping the benefits of this incredible resource. We are joined by Richard Robinson, an award-winning family history writer, co-author of two books, and the information officer for the international Association of Professional Genealogists. Learn how to avoid becoming road-kill on the information super-highway.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Why people search: We look at all the different things people search for everyday both personally and professionaly. We spend more time searching than we think . . . we’ll show you how to save at least an hour a day!
  • Where to search: We explore the various types of search engines and list some of our favorites for more niche based or narrow searches.
  • How to search: We discuss various tips and strategies for conducting effective searches and finding what you need quicker:
    • Is it best to start with a wide or narrow search?
    • Boolean search tips – using operators like AND, OR, NOT, +, -, and quotes to fine tune your searches.
    • Using Google niche searches to find specific items including Images, Videos, Froogle, News, Discussion Groups, and Maps
    • Google Alerts – Setup robots to automatically search important terms for you on the web and in the news and have Google email them directly to your inbox . . . What a time saver!
  • Guest: Richard Robinson, president of Legacy Scribe, an award-winning family history writer, co-author of two books, and the information officer for the international Association of Professional Genealogists.
  • To listen to the show you can use the flash player below or download the MP3 file. Use the PLAY IN POPUP link below if you want to use our flash player and roam the web while listening.

The Online Video Explosion

August 10, 2006 by · 3 Comments 

During our last show we were talking about the recent explosion of online video. I found a few blog posts that discussed this topic. Smart Mobs had a short article entitled “Watching Online Video” where they discussed who is watching online video. They go on to say:

“Julie Supan,senior director of marketing for YouTube,said the site now serves up 35 million videos per day,and users upload 35,000 videos per day,with 100 million page views per day. These are massive numbers for a site that’s not even a year old yet”.Which prompts this question posed by, if now gets more traffic than the BBC.Which is mainstream media?

Another story I found from Wired called “A Guide to the Online Video Explosion” asks what do people want to watch? They noted that:

” . . .the networks are racing one another to get their broadcast programs online, while also creating Web-only content.

But don’t let them fool you. What’s happening here isn’t just TV online. Gone are the rigid 30- and 60-minute blocks; now the clip is it – be it 30 seconds or eight minutes, we’re watching only the money shots. Gone is top-down broadcasting; instead, the network has been, well, networked, with thousands of creators and places to watch, from single-serving sites like Rockboom to slick aggregators like iTunes and blinkx. And gone, too, is the at-this-time, at-this-channel programming; now we’re not only time-shifting with DVRs, we’re space-shifting as well, watching stuff on our laptops, iPods, and cell phones – even loading it back onto our TVs.”

What are your thoughts on this recent trend? Post a comment to this post and let us know!

Yes Grasshopper . . . classic TV online

July 21, 2006 by · 8 Comments 

In talking about living a digital lifestyle during this weeks show we discussed that due to the wide spread growth of hi-speed internet access we are seeing a proliferation of entertainment media being made available online. Both music and video are now commonly available for your consumption pleasures via the web or by downloading them onto your computer or iPod.

This holds true not only for new current music and tv shows, but thanks to AOL, you can also watch some of your classic favorites online. Check out AOL’s IN2TV website.

Yes grasshopper . . . you can catch some of your favorite TVs shows from the past, all streaming online for free including some of our favorites like Kung Fu, F Troop, and Spenser for Hire. I can’t get enough David Carridine, Larry Storch, or Robert Urich. Oh my . . . how will I ever get any work done!

Virtual World Tour

July 18, 2006 by · 4 Comments 

Singer who reached an audience of 70,000 through web casts signs with RCA/Sony BMG

This is a great, crazy story about an artist using technology creatively. Sandi Thom says her band was “too poor to tour,” so they performed a 21-day ‘world tour’ from her basement.

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