Show #2: Knee Deep in the Digital Lifestyle

July 21, 2006 by  

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this weeks broadcast and a special thanks to Sam Bushman and Jay Harrison of TechWatch Radio for joining us. We has some very interesting discussions with them about technology in our every day lives and where tech is going with regards to entertainment.

If you missed the show you can listen in below or download the MP3 file. Use the links on the right to subscribe via iTunes or your favorite blog/podcasting software. We’ll also be adding a few other posts to delve further into some other things we discussed on the show including some of the additional services that Google provides.

Show # 2: Knee Deep in the Digital Lifestyle

From iPods, cellphones, laptops, wi-fi, Tivo, self checkout, and ATM machines it’s hard to find anyone that isn’t immersed in the digital lifestyle. There’s more to technology than the beast or blessing we call the computer. We talk with guests Sam Bushman and Jay Harrison, hosts of TechWatch Radio about balancing technology in your life and learning to make hi-tech serve you, not own you!

Here is what we covered:

To listen to the show you can use the flash player below, download the MP3 file, or use one of the links for your preferred format: