Virtual Work Has Big Advantages for Solo-Professionals and Entrepreneurs

May 21, 2010 by  

There is no shortage of stories about people being laid-off from corporate jobs and having to try and make it on their own.  Maybe you are one of them.  Well sometimes things that on the surface appear to be hardships turn out to be a blessing in disquise – it’s all a matter of time and perspective.  I was reading a great article today about two women who wound up starting their own PR firm in Detroit – Entrepreneurs find community, networking and refuge, not to mention free workspaces

They have embraced their mobility and found it has not only saved them lots of money but also provided many networking opportunities with other similar entrepreneurs and solo-professionals.

Now, Ferraro and Marsik Friess, partners in their newly minted public relations firm Volare, have no formal office and no equipment other than their laptops and smart phones. They network like crazy, bartering for a new business logo, say, and taking advantage of coffee shops, a tearoom and other public spaces for meetings instead of renting traditional real estate. They even used Ferraro’s Bluetooth-enabled SUV for their first conference call with a client.

The article is enlightening to see the number of free workspaces they have found and other advantages to thinking and working creatively.  They said one of their biggest challenges was keeping up with new technology now that they were working on their own.  Our goal with this blog is to ease to ease that burden.  We will be increasing our reviews and tips about mobile work technology moving forward to help you choose the best tools to help you work from anywhere, collaborate with colleagues, and grow your business.

What do you find to the greatest advantages and challenges of virtual work?  Please post a comment below and share your thoughts and experience!