Fundamentals for Effective Management of Virtual Teams

February 14, 2012 by  

I came across this article recently talking about some of the fundamentals of being the leader of a successful and productive virtual team: Effective management of virtual teams.

What I really liked about this is how it talks about the shift from the departmental mindset that most companies used to have to the ability to collaborate and work with global virtual teams. The post states:

When organisations got out of the department mindset, it became possible to work with the best of global talent.

This ability to work with the best people regardless of location is one of the key strategic benefits of The Anywhere Office. One that I feel many businesses overlook when considering how virtual to be.

There is no doubt there can be challenges with how to instill a sense of belonging and trust among virtual team members. It’s just these challenges we show you how to overcome in our on-demand workshop – The Art of Virtual Leadership.

Working on dispersed teams across time and distance is not some vision of the future – it has become commonplace.  Almost all of us collaborate with others virtually almost every day – the question is are you managing it properly?

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