Two Phil’s Talk About Switching From Windows to Mac

January 13, 2011 by  

As you know I have done a series of posts (with many more to come) about my switch last year from PC to Mac.  Well recently, thanks to the amazing social media tool that is Twitter, I met Phil Simon. He is the author of several books the most recent of which is The New Small.  The book looks awesome and I just started reading it last night.  I’ll be interviewing Phil here soon and giving away a copy of the book.

After chatting Phil and I realized we had a lot more than a first name/hairline in common – we both were born in Brooklyn NY, grew up in New Jersey, went to school in Ithaca NY and have a lot of the same views about emerging technologies and how small businesses/entrepreneurs can leverage these tools to grow their businesses.  We also like the same music (especially Rush, Pink Floyd and the Police) and have a very similar sense of humor (I think that is a NY/Jersey thing).

We also both recently switched from using PCs to Macs and are both now happily plugging away on our MacBook Pros. He also wrote  a series of posts detailing his transition to the Mac. I was sharing some of the great apps I discovered with him and told him about eCamm Call Recorder which makes it super easy to record Skype video and audio chats. He was excited by this and asked if we could do a video interview me about my switch to the Mac so I could share some tips.  Of course I said YES – so visit his blog and check out the interview.

I’ll be returning the favor and interview Phil in the coming weeks once I finish reading The New Small and giving away a copy to a lucky reader so be sure to check back!

  • Don Carr

    Hi Phil,

    I think it is interesting that I stumbled across your site today. I have a company ( that has been providing cloud computing services for 8 years. I have lived in the Orlando area since 1987, but since my business and lifestyle are virtual, my family and I moved to Montana in July ’09 for a little over a year. It was a fantastic adventure. Since we host all major business applications (MS Office, QuickBooks Pro, Premiere, Enterprise, Peachtree, ACT!, Goldmine and many other business applications, we can take someone virtual without switching them to another application (i.e. Google apps) that might not meet all of their needs. Our customers can login from Windows based machines, Macs, Linux and iPads, to their virtual desktops and run all their applications and data on our servers.

    I don’t think people really appreciat the value of a “flexible lifestyle” until they have lived it for a while. It is awesome!

    Thanks, Don Carr (

    • You are right Don – Once you have experienced a flexible lifestyle it’s almost impossible to go back. That is why I feel making the transition to The Anywhere Office is so powerful. I’d love to learn more about your service. It seems like for many companies it would make that transition easier and fairly turnkey.

  • The Mac windows is we can’t see more. I like this that they are coming with their new education notebooks.We also want to both recently switched from using PCs to Macs and are both now happily plugging away on our Mac Book Pros. ..