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I was recently made aware of by one of the sites co-creators, Chase Gugenheim. This site represents a remarkable amount of research into online and distance education resources and they are organized intelligently and intuitively.

I wish this site had existed when I was working as an Academic Adviser. This  database of 343 accredited online colleges and universities is a comprehensive and unbiased resource for students, educators, or anyone looking for a flexible option to further their education.

Take a look and see if you can find a program that fits your needs – and if you do, I recommend you follow an excellent piece of advice from Online Colleges: ‘If you are interested in enrolling in an online college, request information from at least 4 schools that have a degree you wish to pursue;  there are differences between each school’s program that are best explained by the schools themselves.’

Online Colleges :: 300+ Top Accredited Online Colleges.

  • This is an advantage of online studies because you can study anywhere.

  • I got contacted recently by a reader, Robert Williams, who is the webmaster for an organization called rdi USA. He asked me to share some information about his site which is a portal to distance learning programs in the UK. 
    Title : Distance LearningURL : : Pursuing a UK University course through distance learning on thepedestals of online support of RDI USA enables the students to learn at theirown comfort and convenience.  Be  a master of skills in the subject of yourinterest and ensure greatest growth in your professional domain at ease.

    If anyone else knows good places to research online or distance education programs it would be great if you would comment and give a link.

  • Heard with reference to this site from my friend. He pointed me here and told me I’d find what I need.

  • Melissa King

    Great idea. I think this would help people in great associates degree

  • My partner and i wish this site experienced been with us once i had been doing work for Academic Adviser. This data bank regarding 343 recognised on the web universities and colleges is often a comprehensive along with impartial useful resource regarding students, teachers, or perhaps everyone buying a versatile substitute for additional their own education and learning.