The Anywhere Office Radio Series Archive

We hosted a 10 week radio series for Voice America Business exploring all facets of The Anywhere Office®. The show takes a big picture approach to the philosophies and strategies of navigating today’s digital lifestyle. All 10 episodes of this entertaining and informative radio series are currently available for you to listen to on demand.

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What is the Anywhere Office?
A look at the concepts of “The Anywhere Office”. A more flexible philosophy of working and living. [more]

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Knee Deep in the Digital Lifestyle
Balancing technology in your life and learning to make hi-tech serve you, not own you! [more]

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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail
Business Continuity in the changing world of work. [more]

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Work is someting you do, not someplace you go
The pros, cons, what fors and how tos of setting up and thriving in a home office. [more]

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Beyond Text – the rise of multimedia on the web
A discussion of the uses and applications for multimedia. [more]

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Working Together While Apart
The challenges and benefits of virtual teams and collaborating across distance. [more]

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Telework and Government
The current state of telework in the government as well as look at some policy, success stories, and challenges for wide scale acceptance and implementation. [more]

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Juggling your life is not a circus trick
Strategies for work life integration and work life balance. [more]

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Work Unchained – where and when you want
The ins and outs of all types of virtual offices and new ways to collaborate. [more]

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Search and Research
Tips, strategies, and tools for searching the web more effectively. [more]

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While targeted at mobile professionals, remote workers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solo professionals; Phil and Jason’s knowledge, humor, and insight make this show of interest to anyone dealing with living a digital lifestyle.

Throughout the 10 weeks of this series we covered topics such a: work life balance, home offices, virtual teams, virtual offices, mobile work, remote management, internet marketing, and all aspects of the changing world of work.

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